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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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there's an irony the poor are paying the wages of the very well paid civil servants to collect the tax and lastly the city employees from 26 thousand plus employees i think by example the board of supervisors should encourage the health service system to charge a surcharge on you'll city employees and contracts that have a body of mass index that their obese quite frankly it's the responsibility of the city to provide an example not to be taxing people who can ill afford it thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> i'm a voter districts 9 voter i appreciate supervisor campos support on this i'm a parent and a public health professional. i just want to commend you guys for putting this forward i'm no strong support of the measure as a parent and i'm sure many of the people in the room regardless of the color of the shirt they're wearing they relate keeping our kids from drinking unhealthy sodas it's a full-time job the drinks are cheap and everywhere this measure will go a long way to reducing the accessibility and the affordability o those drinks it's a crime the most healthy drinks we're taxing the d
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distranscriber the dis i've read and done the research and it's appalling one in three children born when my daughter was born in 2002 are likely to get diabetes and if their black one in 2 children will get diabetes it's our imperative to do something about this not only the paifr involved and diabetes is only one disease but the cost the medical cost and the financial cost to our city are huge we have to do something i appreciate your leadership on this issue >> thank you.
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thank you (clapping.) i'd like to ask if people can withhold the clapping we'll get through this faster i'm going to call more names (calling names) >> next speaker. >> thank you for not opportunity to speak i'm kurt a resident of san francisco i'm representing a side that you don't support on this. one of the concerns about san francisco city government in general is the offer reach that's been mentioned we don't need more government enter vegetation we need less all you guys in general seem to over
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reach through 10 percent or trying to get rid of mcdonald's toys you try to regulate he people's lives people need to live their lives the way they need to a lot of the poor choices is based on the family and the rocket - responsibility for the parents and not the government. it's understanding that taxes will be put on cigarettes but sodas are not so to over reach seems like is not appropriate and local restaurant and neighborhood cafes have obviously opposed thirty this type of legislation it's going to hurt business people will be less likely to pat news
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businesses so it's hurtful and they've made it clear and another thing i'll mention you made no forest to resend the 4 percent restaurant tax okay. people can sign up for obamacare we can't continue to be consistently tacked in this city that runs under the circumstance us out of living >> thank you. next speaker. clapping. >> please try to hold down the applause. >> i'm allen i'm 69 years old i'm not obese or diabetic i've been drinking soft drinks all my life those are not the only problems. i have to agree with the previous speaker i'd like to add
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this is larger than a tax to fill san francisco coffers they say the money is dedicated to certain things but there's already money that is dedicated and can be used. so i think that the next soda is the thing they're focusing on now because theirs sugar in it next it will be something with salt and pretty soon all your food will be tacked 83 and that's supposed to be against the law one chip at that time, keeps coming off the top we'll be paying tax on all food items
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like in the past that's my concern and thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm john i'm a general surgeon in san francisco i'm a member of the board of directors of the san francisco medical society and the heart association we're in support of this. decades ago it was legal to smoke in public places in the city and county of san francisco it was the encourage of one of your colleagues to introduce the first clean air legislation that would, adapted san francisco has led the way on those important efforts and this soda tax represents a wonderful opportunity for san francisco to lead in this important health
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endeavour i encourage you to read the book lethal but legal it is an example i applaud the encourage of the board of supervisors >> i'm jessica i'm here in strong support of the measure as well. i really enjoyed hearing the issues but again in my work with other public state and local school parents i've seen the support building you're going to find that moms and dads across
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the city there is wide support and again, it's important to highlight the hard work you've done to say this is a specific revenue to go towards specific things that will benefit the children, healthy eating choices and the affordability and supervisor mar is doing wonderful things in the next week's and months towards november you'll see the support i'm here to say i'm in support of the is it correct amendments so thank you for your hard work >> thank you. next speaker. ma'am. >> good afternoon. >> ma'am, pull the microphone down. >> good afternoon. my name is
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maria i'd like to request the departments along with the supervisors to noting vote no on the proposed sugar sweetened beverage. those facts with the new income families and senior citizens like me we need to find a solution and please continue the good work in the community for the facts as you thank you i'm going to call several more names. (calling names)
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also (calling names) >> next speaker. >> hello. thank you supervisors i'm amy morris gibbs i'm representing the mission merchants association i'm president of one hundred and 33 businesses in the mission district and manage 2 bars in the mission we're not interested in paying another tax we have some of the highest takes in this country with the increased health care we can't sustain any more things we should focus on not ges getting these kinds of
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labltz they should have warning labels with our food and beverage opposite we should support school safe lunches in san francisco. there should be a better use of the tax dollars we receive for small businesses before you ask us for more it optional increases costs and that's for some of the poorest people in the city thank you thank you. next speaker. >> i'm a long time resident in san francisco. i think the soda tax can benefit the city one to make it a good habit to drink water and the secondly, to pay for the soda tax for more activities in the
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city and create more jobs. i want the city to make more city events and everybody to come out and engage in physical activities we need the things in the city like the tennis courts >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm a clinic social worker working with unprivileged children for over 20 years i'm going to speak for the children when they come into our care they end up in foster homes and situations where they have to live outside their home and they start to talk about how they feel about being overweight and
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how their teeth are rotten and we can fix their teeth and give them milk and water the change in a child's self-esteem their progress in school and the hope they're future is remarkable they want to be healthy the problem is i go into the neighborhoods to pick kids up they're not good choices in the corner stores to get healthy drinks like milk or water their needs to be more choices but the changed in the 20 years i've been working with the children is unableable when i started the
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average weight of the child is probably 20 to thirty pounds difference in a kid it's amazing so i support this bill and appreciate all you guys are doing >> thank you, mr. faulkner. >> i'm terrance i'm the longest sitting committee member i was first elected in 1974. all the people encouraged me to get activity was reverend from the radio who served 18936 on he got to see a horrible situation in europe and met the actresses on both sides. he believed in not going too far one way or the other supervisor
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wiener was talking about the gas initiative and the smoking i've been active in many things in the past this thing is going too far we're talking about minor things and in many cases a little bit of caffeine is good but large amazes are bad. this is a unnecessary tax not needed as my cousin says nothing in access and this is a classical case >> mr. faulkner when committee. >> the san francisco republican committee and i was first took office in 1974 i've known people on both parties for many parties
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and one of my other cuz dick was head of the hospital my family has a strong background in medicine. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm a resident of san francisco. i don't think i should be tacked for licking coca-cola. you know, i understand your concern for the health and well-being of the young ones, however, i think it's very backhanded way i also consider myself progressive in a way to go. i think we can have progress in a different way and this kind of
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fiscal prohibition is the wrong way this is ludicrous we should spend the time to educate parent and kids to what they should be consuming >> thank you. i'm calling a few more names (calling names) >> next speaker. >> hi good afternoon, board of supervisors i'm john. i'm a native of san francisco born here in st. mary's hospital
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and lived in the excelsior district and i'm a filipino-american. how many filipinos out there i used to be a red shirt. i've been a pier manager for the past 15 years i've seen an escalation of going from 20 to 25 percent increase i've found this sort of over consumption is not in the best public interests that state has and i've done the research it has harmful effects you talk about the choices with this soda tax you can city buy the soda but it will disencourage the offer consumption of soda you talk about the offer reach of
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government well, we're poubt by commercials, adds, athletics and all things saying direct drink soda. but how many people are out there saying drink water or eat healthy foods added sugar is not a healthy food so consider that those who are out there this is a very important step for san francisco and for the state and eventually the country. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for holding this hearing and having the courage to propose this policy. i'm a parent and a resident of e-10 i'm also a public health professional i learned in my public training we've never
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overcome public health crisis through education alone whether it's the need for seat belts or helmets for motorbike riders on government regulation can curve the use of harmful products or reduce behaviors that are bad for public health what's proposed in this ordinance is not a tax on retailers but distranscribers to say that parents are the only ounce that are responsible for the kids it is only a small percentage that helps our children, our general public didn't, how bad soda is for our height i'm happy to note we'll have fund to educate the public. we keep hearing folks saying we
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need education it's difficult to find dollars to pay for the education education alone has not worked to deal with the public health crisis we can only reduce consumption and deal with the crisis of diabetes thirty percent almost a third of all holsz patient in to 80 california are diabetic one in three children born in the year of 2000 for the latino and african-american children that's 1 in 2. i want to help with the obesity crisis thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon, supervisors how are you. i'm a san francisco resident and have a 16-year-old and he's entering the 11th grade >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i understand that my son loves to drink soda he's getting pretty at all i, tell them not to consume churg but his peers and can't stop them from drinking. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i the government to take a
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vote to stop children from consuming soda. >> thank you. i'll call a few more names (calling names)
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>> next speaker. >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you. >> i'm billy i have many friends that like to drink soda they take a can or two a day i've been telling them it's harmful i'm in support of the tax and i think the revenue will help with the education and help with obesity. >> thank you. i don't see very many people lined up if your name has been called please step forward. i think i've called this one already. kevin barred and and
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kevin barred and andbrittany. (calling names) i'm having a hard time with those names. those are all the cards i have if anyone else wants to fill anti a card i'll call your name. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm willie wagner i want to speak in opposition to this any concern with this measure i don't think it's going to be well targeted. we want to, you know, the idea is to make soda more expensive kids will drink it less but it's on the sdoishts so the coca-cola corporation their idea is to
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have soda in liquor store so i think they're going to, you know, my concern is to put this tax on the line items and price soda all drinks including water in the vending machines will go up slightly instead of this targeted measure it will hurt poor families rather than specifically targeting soda. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i live in the mission. a tax has never helped the poor it only makes their lives harder. small business is an easy target to tax and fill the cities coffers. it seem like that building
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political careers by claiming to help the poor is nothing new. however, we see more and more poverty around us. and taxing the poor under the facade that you're doing it in their interests is condescending and manipulative nopg no one is going to deny our food supply all i have it is poison go after the advertising companies that targeted children and make enforceable for parents to keep them away. ask my small business owner and they'll tell you that we feel harassed by city departments that are compartment and each have a justification to put the
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squeeze on small business owners >> thank you. next speaker. . i'm kevin i'm in a good meadow i'm not going to shoot my mouth i'm being paid zero dollars to be here not even a can of diet coke >> you're not paid for by the american beverage association and i'm opposed it's a passive regressive tax and i'm offending you have to be bought to oppose this tax. really you need to be more in clue with our constituents a lot of people live with the security and it won't make them healthier
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i brought this up tax twitter and fine google buses and fund the healthy program free advise no charge (clapping.) thank you. next speake thank you. next speaker. hello, i'm a native san franciscan i live in the glen park neighborhood. i'm a mother and a grandmother i would like to say that i know it's up to families to educate their children and let them know that sodas with not good for your. in my house i don't buy sodas but i'm sure my kids drink them but this take into consideration is not a way to stop people from drinking sodas and curve obesity. that's